The Outputs

Methodology for the implementation of art in the framework of an integrated approach related with teaching citizenship skills in the secondary school. The methodology will be the result of the cooperation between art organisations, educational organisations experts in citizenship skills and school teachers and will include methods for the implementation of theatre techniques, examples of theatre scenarios for the citizenship skills, subjects, best practices already implemented etc.

– Online teacher trainings. An online training in the partner countries as well as in European level in order to train secondary school teachers in the method. It is expected that at least 250 teachers are going to improve their skills and competencies through these trainings.

– Implementation in the classroom. After the end of the training, and as a pre-condition in order to receive the certificate of attendance of the seminar, each trained teacher should implement the method to a school classroom comprised of at least 15 students. This means that at least 3.750 students are going to benefit from the implementation of the method.